Fresh A.I.R. #5 Exhibition

I AM SEVERAL / Ik ben een aantal is the result of a six-month residency period at Fresh AIR Berlin. It is an audio installation + performance with three dancers (Hannah Ackerman, Ariel Hayun and Axier Iriarte), made in collaboration with choreographer Merel Franx. The performance has taken place from the 17th – 19th September, 2021 at the Bülowstrasse 90, 10783 in Schöneberg, Berlin. A registration of the performance with sound is now on view in the exhibition until October 31st. More information you’ll find on the website of Urban Nation / Fresh AIR.  

I AM SEVERAL is an electronic music piece leading up to a contemporary dance performance, using a polyphony of voices. It is about the different people we can be, pluriformity versus surrender, the individual versus the group. Inspired by choir music, it combines sound and movement to create a certain unity, an ensemble of people in which each individual’s autonomy can be reflected. This project is about finding ones voice, about being autonomous and the loneliness this can bring forth, but also about ways in which we are so elementary alike. Made in collaboration with choreographer Merel Franx.

The old bucket has hung there through many autumns, and the leaves have fallen around it and some have fallen into it. Rain and snow have fallen into it, and the fallen leaves have held the moisture and so have rotted. Nuts have fallen into it, or been carried into it by squirrels; mice and squirrels have eaten the meat of the nuts and left the shells; they and other animals have left their droppings; insects have flown into the bucket and died and decayed; birds have scratched in it and left their droppings and perhaps a feather or two. This slow work of growth and death, gravity and decay, which is the chief work of the world, has by now produced in the bottom of the bucket several inches of black humus. I look into that bucket with fascination because I am a farmer of sorts and an artist of sorts, and I recognize there an artistry and a farming far superior to mine, or to that of any human.
– Wendell Berry

Concept and music: Marjolein van der Meer
Choreography: Merel Franx
Dancers: Ariel Hayun, Hannah Ackerman and Axier Iriarte.
Thanks to: Stiftung Berliner Leben, SoAP Maastricht, the technical team of Stiftung Berliner Leben, Sanne van Rijn, Ruth Benschop, Bart van den Eynde, Anne de Loos, Beatrijs Dikker, Malu Peeters, Raymond Deirkauf, Timo Tembuyser, Tanja Elstgeest, Leonie Clement, Joanna Simson and all co-residents. 

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